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Working indoors in hot whether painting

Hi folks lets hear your tips painting indoors in hot wheither?do you use flowatrol,owatrol oil or any other additives? Do you add water?do you work smart start early,and work evenings?do you use a plant mister to spray on wet edge, if paint is drying out to fast to reactivate wet edge?

Hi darlic
I sometimes use Owatrol but always wipe the surfaces down with a damp cloth just prior to applying the paint. if I have a large area I will keep damping down areas that may have dried before I get to them. I any event I try to start early and always start in areas that are going to get the sun/heat first that way giving me the best chance of the paint drying prior to the temperature rising/sun catching it

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I would most definitely agree with wetting of surfaces . I also regularly wipe brushes down to reduce any build up . Wrap brushes in a wet cloth if left for short periods and wash down the tin sides after dispensing the paint with a spare brush ,also wipe the under edge of the tin with a wet cloth to avoid paint contamination from dried paint .