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Wrong Type Of Light

After applying the Classidur Extreme Primer to the bedside cabinets and de-nibbing them I noticed imperfections that needed filling, essentially on the cross banding around the central veneer. Because the factory applied “varnish” was so thick I used a cabinet scraper to remove most of it before sanding down prior to priming. However the primer revealed that the sanding was woefully poor so I decided to fill rather than risk break through of the veneers. So I trialled Brummer Stopping and Prestonett Ready Mixed filler and decided on the latter. All rubbed down smooth as a babies bottom I took them back up to the dining room where I was painting. I couldn’t believe my eyes at the number imperfections in the different light. Back down into the cellar with my super bright LED work light for more sanding of the filler - perfect or so I thought. as I was coming out of the cellar and into the sunlight I noticed more rough areas so back into the cellar and sand without the harsh LED lighting just the light from the diffused fluorescent strip light and viewing from different angles. Eventually I got it something like and took it back up to the painting sorry dining room where I slapped on some Johnstones Trade Eggshell.
Has anyone else noticed how critical the type of light is to success?
Having seen the light so to speak I am now considering a light sanding of the next cabinet in the series rather than removing the factory applied “varnish” to save having the same problems once again.

This article about the Festools Duo Light covers lighting. Two sources is even better than one. Also if you work under the spotlight, the chances are in a naturally lit room, your work will look even better.

And as you have concluded, it is best advice not to break through a solid factory varnish. If it is adhering well, scuff it and prime it with adhesion primer. Thanks for the detailed info.

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Thanks Andy. Ive got 3 of these, one permanently over the bench and two ganged together on a track on the ceiling to be moved where needed. The two gang has proved invaluable when mounted on a tripod when decorating the bedroom, lounge and dining room during lockdown.
The saving grace with these cabinets is that being in the bedroom I don’t see the blemishes for 8 hours!

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Yeah Agree with you.