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Zinseer All Coat


I was wondering if anyone has used Zinsser All Coat, just as a general sealer etc , and if so whats your thoughts on it?
many thanks

Are you talking about the w/b or solvent version and inside or exterior?

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sorry meant to say the solvent based version.
I used it on Thursday last week,and to be honest found it very good, the solvents weren’t to bad,dried quite quickly and very flat.

Can’t help then mate - I won’t touch solvents. The water based exterior Allcoat is pretty good though and I use it a lot (in the summer!).

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Most likely way to late to be useful but I have just used the Allcoat as suggested by Holty in satin black and its an excellent finish and easy to apply. Time will tell how well it lasts but it looks rock solid on aluminium and plastic and wood.

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We are going to be using zinsser allcoat any feedback, is it worth its price?

I used the solvent based version of Allcoat and it was pretty good. The coverage is good so if you have some poor areas to cover it will justify the cost. What I did like was I could sand it in areas which were uneven when I had finished. That was planned, I wanted to get the primer on and then deal with uneven areas. They were only small so a few spins of the Deros with 120 Abranet and it was good to go. It is quite expensive but I had just one 2.5m x 3.5m wall so a small tin was ample.

What are you using it on?

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I am interested to no has anyone used this on new plaster,the water base sands
in 1 hour and only one coat needed ,i have a customer who wants his whole house
done in white ?