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Zinsser All coat exterior issues (the newer range)

Im currently having a bit of an issue with this stuff and im interested to hear other people’s experience.
Recently Zinsser have added a solvent based version which seemed like a great idea, but I find it nigh on impossible to use. The first coat was very hard work to apply, like applying an old gloss in cold weather , and the second coat was worse, it was clearly wiping away the first coat despite being left for two days between coats. How on earth do they expect us to deal with a product like that?

To make things even worse ive recently painted a shop front with the water based matt finish. It was lovely to use, covered brilliantly and adhered well, the job looked fab in two shades of green. Sadly after a week it developed a patchy appearance, it had a bloom in places that made it look like it had been weathering for years. I’m currently awaiting a response from the manufacturer but , it looks like im going to be down hundreds on this one and it hurts.
Its a shame as i like the stuff but i wont be using it next year.
Anyone else had issues like this?

Feel your pain terrible stuff had to add to much white spirit for flow, skinned over to quick, stinks

I’ve lost faith in Zinsser products: since around 2016/7: we all know its made under licence byTor Coatings but eg 123 has always been pointless and overpriced. I dont find Cover Stain self levels anymore - im with Otex now, and BIN seems to only work with serious injection of meths and use in cold weather. All Coat? I’d rather go with the embarrassing bad tin label -but good product- Bedec MSP.

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The website is pretty bad too, like the paint though