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Zinsser all coat -water based -experience?

Hi All
I’m experimenting with water based exterior paint for repainting/retouching our Victorian sash windows, which we previously stripped completely and painted with Sikkens Onol/Rubo Satura in white
I’ve tried some Tikkurilla WB primer and Valti opaque,but was recommended to try Zinnser WB Allcoat as it’s self priming on most surfaces
Do people’s have any advice/experience between the two brands ,esp re durability
Do folks find that Zinnsser AC provides sufficient adhesion over OB paint
Thanks in advance

Hi i used valti opaque on my workshop, very good product, I no zinerser allcoat was used at Gatwick aiport.Whats the reason your looking at it,is it because faster recoat well as self priming?it says on data sheet it will bond to existing glossy paints without sanding.Myself i would buy a tin and do a few tests,with nail or tape.

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Thanks for your response
I’m interested in AllCoat because it would potentially be a quicker maintenance job -also colour matching is possible,and it it’s available in an eggshell finish,which I suspect would be more durable and resistant to soiling