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Zinsser BIN brush cleaner

Came across this link and had never seen this before.

Hi Ben
Its a new product from Zinsser thats has been out for a couple of months now. Its basically a detergent based cleaner to breakdown BIN when washing brushes. Brewers & Cane Adam have it stock as does my local independent.

That link you posted speaks favourably of it but I’m struggling to see haw much better it will be than meths it will be for the additional cost.

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When ever I use bin I use throw away brushes,

Zinsser need to rename their “BIN brush cleaner” - its a universal brush cleaner: acrylics and oils. I’ve used it regularly since KrudKutter no longer available. the Zinsser is faster acting - 4 hours rather than overnight - and it cleans out acrylic eggshell superbly.

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I must admit I also throw brushes away after BIN. I have the painters bug of buying all the new brushes to try and end up with a lot I don’t like. They end up going in the BIN and then the bin.