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Zinsser BIN offer, grab it while you can

Ebdec are definitely worth a look this week, while stocks last (200 tubs available, maybe more)

You may know about shellac and the scarce supply because of the lazy lac beetle. As a result of the falling supply of beetle juice, market economics says that products like Zinsser Bin are going up in price all the time. (It could be a myth, like the oil scarcity, and the beetles will just keep popping up just when you think they died out, but whoever runs the shellac industry has decided that prices are going up endlessly for whatever reason.)

The market price for Zinsser BIN is around the £75 a gallon mark, plus or inc VAT, depending where you can get it.

These guys at Ebdec are doing a promo, 10 litre tubs of white for about £120 + VAT. It sounds a good price, it is a good price. If white BIN is what you need and use regularly, get over there. They have up to 200 tubs at this price and may have more depending on demand.

##Food for thought about tinted shellac primer

Last year TechnicalPaintServices were selling lots of their own MSP1009 shellac primer for £64.64 incl VAT. A year on, they say they have 10 litres left, but they want £69+VAT for it and they won’t be making any more because the raw material costs are mad and at a forecast £78 a gallon, they won’t bother.

Looks like Zinsser can knock themselves out!

##BIN isn’t the only shellac primer, nor is white the only colour.
Compared to the Ebdec offer, this option is dear as poison, so to speak, but…

… reports from Traditional Painters who don’t spray, say that Mathys Pegaprim Isofix primer is the business. It levels better and denibs easier than BIN. As it comes from Holmans, it is also tinted in any colour, within reason, so you get a build up of colour from first to last coat in the system.

The cost is the cost, nobody likes to pay £100 a gallon, but this is long forgotten by the time you are on the last coat. This is not how most professionals think, it seems to be all about the initial cost of product, but in this case, that thinking costs a LOT of money on the labour side.

(Same principle with Coverstain v Otex, they can be worlds apart in terms of labour costs.)

This is the tech stuff about Isofix on the Holmans site.

##Catch a break on Holmans Isofix price - TP5

If you go through and make a purchase of Isofix (or any other paints at Holmans), don’t forget to mention the code TP5 and you will get a Fox Original brush that has proven a great option with shellac primer. It is a freeby worth 4% to 5% of your purchase and cleaned out will work well in other primers and topcoats too!

You can order from Holmans in their store, by phone or email and online. If ordering via their online store put TP5 in the COMMENT BOX not the voucher code box. If that sounds complicated, it isn’t! Ordering instructions for a FREE Fox are here.

##Spray BIN?

Scroll back to the top and get over to Ebdec for a limited stock of white. The benefits of Pegaprim don’t really apply, as you are laying a near perfect coat, right!

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