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Zinsser BIN

When I use Zinsser BIN I find within minutes my brush goes rock hard before I have a chance to finish what I am painting. Is there any tips to stop this? I give the can a good stir before use but have not thinned it

its shellac based so thin with meths. water aint going to help anyone


Water and Zinsser B-I-N is a definite no no as Martin says, I use it a lot and don’t have any dry brush issues - just keep the brush in the paint at all times.


When using any shellac paints; B-I-N or Isofix, I always have a bottle of meths with the top cut off so that I can drop my brush into it prefquently when in use and to store throughout the day… Shellac paints close soooooo quickly you have no working time with them at all, so forget about laying off… when I use Isofix on furniture I thin down heavily with meths and apply with a “fluffy” roller (Dulux Microfibre Glosser) as the foam based rollers melt to readily.

Hope that this helps a bit!?