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Zinsser Coverstain - one coat or two?


I have searched through the forum, and can’t seem to locate the definitive answer as to how many coats of (tinted) Coverstain to use on my kitchen cabinets/doors before overpainting with Little Green Oil Eggshell(Stock). This is probably such a rookie question!

Any insights much appreciated.

Many thanks


Hi Wendy

on bare timber or clear lacquer, I would apply 2 coats for the depth of colour. Sanded you will have a beautiful base for the top coats.

For redecorating, the body is already there, so one coat should be sufficient.

It should be pointed out that oil eggshell is self undercoating and generally offers very good coverage, so if you know what was the last paint used, and it is adhering really well, for a colour change only, no Coverstain may be required on a redec.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry, should have mentioned what the substrate was; clear lacquered oak(factory finish)sanded back. Two coat primer job it is then - 30+ no. doors to do, pity about the smell!

With 30 plus doors, have you considered following in the steps of a DIY colleague reader Alistair who bought an erecta rack to keep everything stacked neatly. It is an outlay, but could be the purchase to keep you sane on the long journey.

You should be warned though, many of the owners of Erecta racks end up yearning for a second one.