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Zinsser Gardz to seal previously papered walls

Thinking forward to a job I have coming up I thought I would ask if any one has a good working solution for the following.
I have a large property to give a full redec to its built in the 90s. The client wants to remove dado rail which has wallpaper underneath, make good, and finish in emulsion. Now my usual approach to painting previously wallpapered walls is to line them. My reasoning is that no matter how well one washes off the paste from the wall, there is a residue impregnated into the plaster. Painting over with emulsion could result in crazing.
So any suggestions for a good sealer/ primer that would fix the paste residue and take emulsion finish?
Of course I may have an issue with different textures showing through as above the dado is in emulsion and the paper is on bare plaster.
I am looking for an alternative to lining the walls cos they are in good order. And lining the walls will add considerable cost to the project for my client.

Any ideas?


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Zinsser Gardz is formulated to seal in paste residue prior to painting.

Another good use for Gardz is that if you apply it under and over lining paper it will, in effect, seal it to the wall making it possible to use lining in a bathroom without the seams opening. Just finish with acrylic eggshell.

I think it’s a great product.

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Thank you Mr Taylor I will purchase some Gardz then.

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You are getting through some work :slight_smile:

Power sander would be the last piece of the puzzle if you are concerned with texture difference, buzz the walls to get them equally smooth.

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Thanks Andy
Just planning ahead…not starting that one till September and hope to have purchased a sander by then. I have been discussing the best sander with a friend who has used a festool recently that he borrowed from his friend. He made the point that the festool has heads that will access corners that the circular won’t. And spoke of a finer detail attachment. What’s the word on how the Deros/Ceros compares to festool?

Banking on one tool for everything is probably unrealistic for walls and woodwork. On woodwork, this RO90 Festools model is about as good as you are going to get See the Topcoat Review from Scot to see the wonders.

I think the owners of festools have good debates deciding what single tool is best for sanding walls, as there is quite a choice. The Mirka CEROS/DEROS are a little more simple to decide on - there is one format - round! Not going to knock either brands, they have their merits and lead the way. For walls I have been really happy with a 5" CEROS - for corners just carry a Festools mini “rasp” (I can never remember what its called) or the rectangular Abranet sander. With the different thickness interface pads, different grades of abrasive, vacuum going, you can get most things done.

Either route, its a chunk of change to get invested, but you won’t look back.

That is a very helpful review of the Festool RO90; I am starting to get a clearer picture.

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ok i took the dive and just bought the ro90!!
Now i am strugling to find a straight forward supplier of the abrasives any pointers? I have managed to find some packs on ebay but havent settled on which delta abrasive to buy. I read something that you can cut the abranet to suit?
would that work for the Delta?
if so what size would i need?
Will i use the same grits on power sanding that i would with handsanding?
Is the extraction hose compatible with henry hoover?
and is the Mirka hose compatible with Festool?

Oh so complicated :frowning:

Festool abrasives if you can’t get at a local supplier (Bristol has Power Tools Plus) then try Bunny’s Bolts online ‘ToolFest’ and go for the Granat abrasives.
I’d start with say 10x 40g 20x 60g, 50x 80g 50x120g then 10 or 20 each of 180/240/320 depending on the work you’re doing and the finish you’re aiming for

I remember the mental hurdle I had to get over to purchase Festool system. Seemed like so much money etc
But I also remember the chippy who laughed at how painters and decorators seem to have a budget of a few pounds for tools whereas carpenters/kitchen fitters will spend thousands on their kit. Divide the cost of the Festool over five years, break that down into a weekly amount Its really not much to pay to get your lungs back, work more quickly, do a better prep job, and get more work because of your reputation for dust free prep!

Having used Festool system (and it is a superb interchangeable system) for four years I would really encourage you to not make life complicated, with Henry hoovers and mixing and matching (Ford cars with Vauxhall spares??!) and keep it simple, invest fully in Mirka or Festool system.
Henry’s are good for floors and general dust but not as effective for very fine dust from a sander. Likewise I don’t find the Festool very good to vacuum a floor!

I’ve not used a Ceros but with Festool the one on/off switch on the sander activates both the sander and the dust extractor. That won’t happen if you plug it into a Henry.
Might seem a small point but it all makes prep work productive and efficient.

I reckon I got money back on Festool system (just a palm sander and a Midi extract) within three months by increasing my productivity Since then I’ve invested in more e.g. the RO90,RO 150, linear action LS130, and also ‘y-tube’ for the Midi and another palm sander can have two of us dust free prepping and in half the time!

good luck with it all!

Thanks very much Dave, most helpful I will take a look at those outlets for the abrasive. I get you on sticking with the whole system and investing in the extractor but I was hoping to make do for a month or so. I am dipping into my set aside tax money! But after buying the sander I looked at the cost ofthe hose alone and now figure it would be more cost effective to go the whole hog.
I might just have to wait a couple of weeks before I can go there.
What is your experience working with abranet on festool?
I notice that some tp guys prefer it.

I accept your chippy friends comments about the benefits of spending some money on tools. …I can see me getting into that way of thinking. …I hope the taxman sees it like that:-D

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my accountant does Capital expenditure reduced over 4 years - 25% of cost per year - but ask an accountant not me!!!

I,ve tried abranet on Festool but for some reason find it doesn’t stay on the pad as well as the Granat. But i think its me as many others find abranet fine on Festool.

Hey Dave
it turns out that Bunnys bolts is just up the road 15 miles from me!
I have ordered some 80 in both 90mm and delta but after that the pack size goes up to 100 pieces, a lot of outlay to just try. So i have written to see if they can do anything for me.
Does your supplier in Bristol sell in 10’s and 20’s?

Thanks for everything mate it is helpful to have someone with experience of this kit.

You won’t usually find Festool gear discounted. So prices are usally the same wherever you go.

It isn’t possible on the RO90 but if you have a RTS 400 (the square pad sander) you can buy an interface pad which enables you to use Abranet abrasive on the sander. I find this lasts a lot longer than the Festool gear.

If you decide to buy a Mirka Ceros at a later date you can use this with the Festool extractor. You will need to change the hose (simply a push fit on the extractor) but the Ceros will turn the extractor on and off just like the Festool sanders do.

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Thank you, that’s good to know that the ceros will work with it.
I found the Ro90 for £ 316 which is cheaper than most are selling it for.
Folkestone fixings via eBay. That comes delivered free next day.

We use gardz a lot now, best applied with microfiber roller,job we done sanded walls, applied gardz,leaves lovley smooth surface for roller to glide over.