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I started painting furniture in 1996 after I finished my Art Degree at Northampton University. I began working for my father, then started at a local kitchen design company called Bespoke Interiors, in the finishing department, painting, lacquering and oiling all the cabinets and work tops by hand.

Since then I have travelled to Australia twice, taught English, worked for Fired Earth as Colour Consultant, designed and hand drawn kitchens, yet never stopped painting kitchens and furniture. It is in my blood and now I am running my own one (wo)man business full-time.

I work for several local kitchen design companies, which still includes my father and Bespoke Interiors - some 17 years later! I use my experience, skills and trade contacts to offer a full package - from initial design and/or colour consultation and mood boards/drawings if needed, to fixing old cabinets, making new additions or replacing old worktops, before a full professional painting service transforms your kitchen or piece of furniture.

Please feel free to contact me by email or mobile and I will be more than happy to help you with your project, what ever you require.